09 March 2010

What's all this then?

 It's about a mushroom

My name is Diarmaid and I like the sound of my own voice. Well, sight of my own text. I guess?

I like films. I especially like to talk about films... at length. That's what this blog is for. I will spill my mind thoughts.

HOWEVER This is not a film review blog. No no no. This is more based on genres and concepts and film as a whole. While yes there will be posts on particular films they will not be critiques of the films themselves. (Although they may contain criticisms.)

I do have a film review blog though! It can be found here.

As you can see my reviews are brief. I don't like writing long reviews. It's not my interest. Not that I don't love reviewers who do. I subscribe to the long detailed opinions of plenty! It's just not my thing.

This blog is for my musings, my opinions, my ideas.

So yeah, read it or whatever.

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